Domine Deus

The following is a translation of some paragraphs from a small pamphlet which he named The Domine Deus: or Fifteen minutes in the Earthly Paradise.

Lord God - Your Presence embraces me. I abide in You as a fish breathes in pure water. In You I live, in You I move, in You I respite. I cannot possibly flee from your presence.

Lord God - We cannot see You, but creation, Your handiwork, reveals You. Even our unaided reason cannot avoid proclaiming You God of all providence.

Lord God - How happy I am to be Your creature! I could not be anybody else's for You alone are omnipotent.

Lord God - Wherever I gaze, everywhere I discern Your providence. You really love all Your creatures and You despise none (of them).

Lord God - Much You've loved us in creating us to Your image and likeness! Much You've exalted us! We are much grateful for Your self-revelation.

Lord God - It is more than reasonable to trust in You and to have recourse to You, once You assured us on Your delight in abiding among us.

Lord God - When I meditate Your goodness, I am drawn to You. Surely, no one is good except You. You are benevolence itself: no harm emanates from You, only good.

Lord God - You must surely be all fortitude able to bear all our human evil.

Lord God - How far above our understanding are all Your ways! I remain still for I know that You are at the helm.

Lord God - You are lovable. He who hates You is hating himself. Nature itself condemns him for naturally we love those who love us. And who loved us as You love us? You loved us before we ever thought of loving You.

Lord God - Sin alone is counter to Your will. But even from this greatest of evils You rea pout the fulfilment of your designs.

Lord God - You are all knowing. Past and future are present to You. You are immutable, ever the same yesterday, today and for ever.

Lord God - Everything is to your advantage. Only sin strikes against You. But its evil never defiles Your holy sanctuary.

Lord God - Your name is Yahweh: I am who am. And we are what we are only through Your gratiutous and generous bounty.

Lord God -You are God of peace, but Your peace is only for people of good will. And for those who really love You you've prepared tremendous consolations.

Lord God - When I meditate your justice I tremble, but meditation on Your mercy fills me with joy.

Lord God - You are on the side of the humble while resisting those who are haughty in their own self esteem. Only the humble of heart glorify Your Holy Name.

Lord God - Yours are the heavens and the earth. You are master of life and death. You are sovereign of everything and everybody.

Lord God - Your Church has taught me that You are naturally merciful and forgiving. Oh, how honoured I am when I behave in like manner!

Lord God - The word 'sin' horrifies me. But alas, I wouldn't be capable of doing anything else but for Your continual sustenance.

Lord God - All glory and honour is yours alone, for everything is through You and through Your strength. You have every right to be a jeolous God.

Lord God - I suffer immensely when I realise how the world appreciates that which is abominable to You.

Lord God - I need you, for without You I am nothing and cannot do anything. You are our very life.

Lord God - I don't doubt your ability to see, hear and understand, for it was You who gave me those faculties. That which is good in us creatures is surely infinitely more so in You, the Creator.

Lord God - How delighted I am, how enraptured when people are seen seeking and worshipping You!