Those persons who come to realize that they are called to live the SDC vocation in all of these dimensions ask to be incorporated with the Society. Thus every incorporated Member is conscious that he partakes of the same inspiration together with all the other Members, that they are sharing the same experience of the same calling, and that they are living the same charism. This bond of unity is not built on communal conviviality, but it emanates from “one sole aim – Jesus Christ, who is to be loved and known; one faith – united to the Pope always; one spirit – meekness and humility, and one heart – helping one another”.

This sense of unity is enhanced the more each Member renews daily his Incorporation commitment by bonding further more with the Society, by cherishing all its patrimony, by sharing in common celebrations and prayers, especially through the daily prayers of The Watch, and by giving his share in the apostolate of the Centre and of the Society. Although the Members do not normally live in community, their affective life should just the same be supported by healthy relationships and by friendships which unite the Members “together in the bond of love”. The Member keeps the Blessed Virgin Mary as model in renewing his Incorporation commitment.