General Administration

The Administration of the SDC is balanced between the Office of the General Superior and that of the General Executive Council.

The General Superior is elected by the delegates that meet every five years for the General Chapter. The General Superior has the responsibility of the day-to-day running of the Society and he is helped by his Private Council consisting of his Assistant, the General Secretary and the Primarius who chairs the Executive Council.
The Superior General is also responsible for the whole Society wherever it is present and he is also the unifying factor of the different sections of the Society including the female's section.

The General Executive Council is also elected during the General Chapter. First the Members elect the Primarius, who heads this Council and acts as Chairperson. Primarily, the GEC is responsible for the implementation of those decisions taken during the General SDC Chapter. Secondly, the GEC is to strive to support and take care of all the Members that are serving in the Regions and Vice Regions that the SDC has. Every Member of the GEC is to visit the Centre that the Primarius assigns to him and to present to the GEC every six months a report on the progress of the Centre.

The General Superior and the Primarius are both expected to officially visit every SDC Centre within a term of five years. The General Secretary is elected from within the group of GEC Members. He is responsible to keep the minutes of all the Executive Council meetings and all SDC correspondence. Another office within the GEC is that of the Treasurer, who is also chosen from among the GEC members.